iPhone, TSMC and Samsung…

Übersetzung verfügbar: Deutsch Deutsch"Just make sure I get a TSMC chip in mine"

[Meme by Surf Donkey]

In case you missed it: We have a new iPhonegate 😉 — Apple dual-sourced the A9 chips for the new 6s and 6s Plus phones. It seems that the ones with a TSMC chip show significantly better battery life than the ones with a Samsung chip — at least under benchmark conditions…

[Edit 2015-10-19:] It seems that the gate is no longer a GATE. It seems to be confirmed that the significantly better battery life (~20%) only appears with the Geekbench test. That means, even under heavy load (except Geekbench) there is no significant difference in battery life. I’m happy about this. However, I doubt that this is true for really all use-cases. The difference that was seen with Geekbench doesn’t come out of nowhere, that’s pretty logical.

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