iPhone 6s Plus

Some Thoughts after Six Weeks with the iPhone 6s Plus

Now it’s almost six weeks that I received the 6s Plus. Making the decision between the 6s and the 6s Plus took me some time. Coming from the 5s, my biggest concern of course was the size of that monster baby. 

To my surprise the size was no problem at all. In contrary, screen size turned out to be the most important improvement for me.

Size and Screen Size

It took me literally five minutes to get at least comfortable with the new size. And if you ever owned a 5s or an even smaller one you can imagine the difference…

Now, six weeks later, I don’t want to miss that size ever again. With this phone, it’s the first time I really feel comfortable reading and writing mails or just browsing the Web with Safari. Doing these things on the 5s always felt like some emergency situation; I longed for my iPad whenever it was in reach.

Admitted, it’s still more comfortable to do these things on the iPad, but before, the iPad was almost a necessity, now it’s luxury. Even when I’m out of home the whole day or two I’m not longer carrying my iPad with me.

And: with the 6s Plus screen it’s the first time I really enjoy videos on a phone.

Yes, pocketability may be a problem if you used to carry the phone in your trousers’ pockets all the time. The 6s Plus still fits in (most) trousers’ pockets, but when making some kilometers you’ll prefer to have it in your purse or in your vest’s pocket.

By the way, it is astonishing how small (and light!) this thing feels in your hands.1

Battery Life

Such a difference. With the 5s I always made sure it was at 100% when leaving home. Now it doesn’t matter at all: only at 70 or 80%? No problem, this will last long enough. I ended up with less than 20% only one or two times in six weeks. This is good for my ease of mind and good for battery health.2

As we know, another advantage of the 6s Plus over the 6s is the optical image stabilization. But honestly I didn’t take so much photos in the last time that I could confirm the importance of this feature.

But already the two things —screen size and battery— are easily worth the 100€ supplement and the very tolerable increase in weight and size.


  1. I guess this haptic illusion comes from the combination of thinness and rounded-edge design, since it immediately goes away when you put a —even very slim— case on it.
  2. It is said that not letting drop battery charge below 20% is a good thing.