‘Delete Immediately…’ in OS X El Capitan

With OS X El Capitan (10.11) the Finder has gained a handy new feature, called Delete Immediately… .

To immediately delete one or more files or folders select them in the Finder, then hold down the Option and Command key and press Backspace. (⌥⌘⌫)  Continue reading ‘Delete Immediately…’ in OS X El Capitan

Timestamp Macros for Keyboard Maestro

These are macros for the magnificent OS X macro environment Keyboard Maestro 7, a highly recommendable program.

Basically the macros were just an experiment to see how well Keyboard Maestro works with Swift scripts. (Running Swift scripts is a new feature of Keyboard Maestro 7.) And it works quite well, I find.

The first macro gives also a nice example of conditional and value-remembering pop-up menus in the user prompt. (I discovered this only recently.)  Continue reading Timestamp Macros for Keyboard Maestro

Quick Comparison of some iOS Content Blockers

The new iOS 9 opened the door for third-party content blockers for Mobile Safari. A couple of days ago the first blockers appeared in the iTunes Store and the list is growing longer.

The “problem” is that almost all of them receive great customer ratings in the store. In no time I had downloaded a bunch of them (too many…) and still didn’t know with which one to go. In the absence of unbiased comparisons I made a little comparison myself.

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Archive Assistant (Script)

This AppleScript script is very handy for the creation of different type of archives and disk images.

It’s one of those scripts I use almost daily: It’s sitting in the Scripts menu in the menu bar and from there it allows me easy access to important and useful archive and disk image formats. Unlike other programs this script does not try to gather every available format. Just the ones that are right for a given purpose.

Updated 28 Apr 2017 @ 2 h For the latest script changes see the bottom of the post.

The script can create these archive/dmg types:

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