This site will change…

As you may have noticed I switched the comment sytem from WP to Disqus.

It’s not that I like Disqus so much, it’s just a preliminary step for the change from WordPress to a static site generator. Probably Jekyll, maybe Hugo. Not sure, yet.

I hope the transition will be finished in a couple of weeks. Still have to figure out many things.

You find a development preview of the new site at and at

I’m tired of WordPress.

– Tom

Google PageSpeed Insights Madness

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Everybody who is interested in optimizing his website knows Google’s PageSpeed Insights. And everybody who knows PageSpeed Insights knows how finicky it can be about some details.

But this one exceeded my worst fantasies (click to enlarge): Continue reading Google PageSpeed Insights Madness

I got rid of my Bluetooth problems!

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Like many others I was suffering from Bluetooth connectivity problems with my Mac Mini (late 2012) which resulted in sometimes horrible mouse lags, stuttering and disconnecting. I tried everything from repeated PRAM resets to system cache cleaning, and even shutting it down for a while(!). Continue reading I got rid of my Bluetooth problems!

Uninstalling Wuala properly (OS X)

The Wuala cloud storage isn’t a bad service in terms of security. Storage is encrypted and the servers are (supposedly) located outside of the US. But by shutting down the free storage plan as of 1/1/2015 they likely pronounced its death sentence.

For a clean uninstall follow these instructions:    Continue reading Uninstalling Wuala properly (OS X)